[MIP-0XX] Metronome Awareness Grant


DeFi Dave


Grant Flywheel 3500 MET over the course of 6 weeks to raise awareness of the Metronome ecosystem through Flywheel’s media platform with the opportunity to earn another 2000 MET through bonus activities.


Flywheel DeFi is a grassroots media platform dedicated to advocating for the Frax ecosystem and DeFi as a whole. Starting in June 2022 in response to the FUD surrounding the fall of TerraLuna, Flywheel has grown to 5k followers on Twitter and 2k subscribers on YouTube. Coming out with content daily, our most popular programming includes our flagship Flywheel interviews, our weekly This Week in Frax, our bi-weekly Frax Check, op-eds, and general ecosystem coverage. Flywheel is one of the fastest growing and respected media platforms in all of DeFi and boasts an audience of DeFi-savvy information-hungry users.

Metronome is one of DeFi’s leading synthetic protocols that allows for yield looping through its Synth Markets. Particularly, Metronome has become a close collaborator of Frax allowing for looping of Frax’s native assets.


We propose for Flywheel to receive at least 3500 MET over the next 6 weeks to engage in the following activities. If the proposal passes, half the MET will be sent to Flywheel’s multisig before programming starts and the remaining balance will be sent after programming is complete:

This Week in FRAX

Have a section on “This Week in Frax” dedicated to select Metronome and Frax-related Metronome content. This will include a feature both our weekly programming on YouTube and in our newsletter (Length 2-4 mins) as well as a link to Metronome Smart Farming that will be included in each medium. A sample itinerary of content can be found below

Week 1 - Intro Metronome and how Smart Farming amplifies FRAX Yield

Week 2 - FRAX Yield update on Smart Farming, mention other yields for users to take advantage of like USDC (currently over 100% APY).

Week 3 - How do FRAX and Metronome work together, Smart Farming Yield Update.

Week 4 - Highlight Metronome’s new Tokenomics and why FRAX holders would benefit from the added Smart Farming boosts on their FRAX positions.

Week 5 - Weekly smart farming yield update. Extra content TBD.

Week 6 - Weekly smart farming yield update. Extra content TBD.

Bonus Content

Participate in bonus content with the following breakdown of rewards (in MET):

  • A 5 min video and newsletter article on the History of FRAX and Metronome (Plug to Metronome) - 1000 MET
  • A detailed thread and newsletter article on Metronome’s Smart Farming and why FRAX users take advantage of it - 1000 $MET


  • For: Approve of Flywheel Metronome Awareness activities
  • Against: Do nothing